On the relation between Big Data and Machine Learning

On the relation between Big Data and Machine Learning. Leandro Fabio Ariza Jiménez. Affiliation: PhD student in Mathematical Engineering, GRIMMAT – Research group in mathematical modeling, EAFIT University.
Abstract: Recently the term “Big Data” was coined to capture the meaning of a data-explosion trend from diverse sources and domains, which society has been exposed due to technological advances since the second half of the 20th century. Machine Learning (ML) is a sophisticated analytical technology that can be used to provide us with intelligent analysis of Big Data.
In this talk the relation between Big Data and ML is discussed, and two approaches of ML are presented: Clustering, and Deep Learning. The fundamental concepts of, and problems with Clustering will be discussed, followed by a description of some traditional algorithms and the presentation of experimental results in artificial datasets. With regard to Deep Learning, an introduction is given and future work in relation with big data is described. Abril 25 de 2016.
Titulo: Sobre la relación entre los grandes datos y la máquina de aprendizaje.
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