Metodología de análisis de estabilidad para modelos epidemiológicos

Metodología de análisis de estabilidad para modelos epidemiológicos. Diana Paola Lizarralde Bejarano. Escuela de Ciencias Universidad EAFIT. Noviembre 21 de 2016.
Stability Analysis Methodology for Epidemiological Models. Diana Paola Lizarralde Bejarano. PhD student in Mathematical Engineering, EAFIT University.
Abstract: The transmission of infectious diseases frequently is modeled through nonlinear ordinary differential equations. We aware that in general, it is not possible to find an analytic solution to this kind of systems and we must focus on the qualitative properties of such a systems to understand the behavior of the solutions. In order to understand the evolution of solutions of those systems, a stability analysis around the equilibrium points of the system from the model will be carried out. For this reason, we made the state-of-art of the most frequent approach to analyzing the stability of a nonlinear equations system that works for transmission infectious diseases. Later on, we will incorporate explicitly the uncertainty associated with the parameters involve into the model taking into account the results of the stability analysis.

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