Enhancing images in seismic migration is not an easy task

Mejorar las imágenes en la migración sísmica no es una tarea fácil
Enhancing images in seismic migration is not an easy task. Juan Guillermo Paniagua Castrillón. PhD student in Mathematical Engineering, GRIMMAT – Research group in mathematical modeling, EAFIT University. Septiembre 19 de 2016.
Abstract: We demonstrated that, under a good Reverse Time Migration RTM (acoustic wave propagation) algorithm and the zero-lag cross correlation imaging condition, it is possible to improve the traditional post processing methodologies. But, in our race to generalize our achievements we found that this is not completely true for a kind of special velocity field models. Sadly, we are looking for the reasons why, under a very singular function of the velocity fields, our Laguerre-Gauss (LG) filter does not work very well. This seminar will show you different approximations for the analysis of the phenomenon under research and we will present some hypothesis and the path to the future research. We are going to use some concepts from Fourier Analysis, because we already solved the problem for wave propagation in time domain for huge and massive data, and present some frequencies spectrum from the zero-lag cross correlation image and its LG transformation.

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