Data Assimilation Schemes in Colombian Geodynamics

Esquemas de Asimilación de Datos en la Geodinámica Colombiana. Octubre 3 de 2016.
Data Assimilation Schemes in Colombian Geodynamics.
Nicolás Pinel Peláez PhD on Microbiolgy, University of Washington, USA. Affiliation: Research group in Biodiversity, Evolution and Conservation (BEC), EAFIT University.
Olga Lucía Quintero Montoya Doctor en Ingeniería de Sistemas de Control, Universidad Nacional de San Juan, Argentina. Affiliation: GRIMMAT – Research group in mathematical modeling, EAFIT University.
Abstract: This seminar addresses the research project for the improvement and development of new Data Assimilation Schemes from Mathematical point of view for two applications regarding the GeoSciences, Geophysics and Environmental issues. The use of the Open DA library developed and supported by Deltares makes feasible not only the traditional Data Assimilation schemes but also provides a hydrodynamic modeling frame?work to include this kind of applications. Colombian air quality dynamics analysis through the use of the LOTOS-EUROS Model from TNO and the History Matching problem with Statoil will be the applicability fields in which this proposal relies, looking for the cooperation between Universities and Institutions. We propose at least seven theoretical aspects related to the Data Assimilation Schemes regarding the Backtracking localization strategies for Ensemble Kalman Filter and the traj4D-Var proposed by (Fu et al, 2015 and Lu et al, 2015), also the application of Observational impact analysis algorithm (TSBOI-MM) (Verlaan and Sumihar, 2016) in order to establish a research plan for new PhD students that will be able to follow a co-supervised Doctoral formation between TU Delft Applied Mathematics PhD programme and Universidad EAFIT Mathematical Engineering Ph Programme. Master from the Applied Mathematics Programme and undergraduate students of the School of Sciences at Universidad EAFIT will be involved in activities within the framework of this research.

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