Data Analysis in High Energy Physics

Data Analysis in High Energy Physics. Omar Andres Zapata Mesa
Abstract: CERN (European Center for Nuclear Research) is the largest laboratory in fundamental particles in the world, the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) is a particle collider where was discovered the Higgs particle and it can produce more 25GB / s and it has a network of computers (grid) in 34 countries with over 250K cores and 150PB storage. The LHC experiments face one of the biggest challenges in the data processing world, for which was developed the ROOT project a C++ framework for data analysis, that allows processing large volumes of data efficiently, using different data mining approaches, some of which will be presented at this seminar. Febrero 22 de 2016
Titulo: Análisis de datos en Física de Alta Energía
Speaker: Omar Andres Zapata Mesa
Some studies:
Dinámica Molecular en Biofísica, Profesor Aponte Santamaría, Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies, Heidelberg (Germany), 2013
Programación Científica Avanzada en Python, Profesor Fernando Pérez, Universidad de California en Berkeley, 2010
Affiliation: Grupo de Fenomenología de Interacciones Fundamentales, Instituto de Física, Universidad de Antioquia
Talk title: Data Analysis in High Energy Physics
Slides: [ pdf ]

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